Our Services

At Global Accent Reduction, our evaluation and custom tailored program provides proven results. Our training sessions are designed to meet your specific needs. Because our sessions are customized, we offer programs to meet the American English pronunciation needs of individuals of all language backgrounds.

We Offer:
•Individual One on One training sessions
•Small Group sessions
•Web based training
•Flexible hours for internationally located clients.

Sessions meet weekly for one hour and
can be scheduled at a convenient time for you.

Outcomes Our Clients Can Expect:
•Increased confidence when speaking with colleagues, clients and friends
•Enhanced ability to self-correct
•Increased ease with communication
•Improved presentation skills
•Increased productivity and workplace efficiency
•And most importantly, increased clarity and precision
with your speech!

How Our Program Works

Our program begins with a personalized phonetic analysis of your speech. This individualized assessment helps identify the speech patterns that make your speech sound heavily accented. From the initial individualized assessment we develop a customized training program to suit your professional speaking needs. You will learn to hear the difference in your accented speech and the more intelligible sounds of Standard American English. You will learn to produce correct sounds in isolation, in words, in sentences and during conversational speech.

The program will be customized for you to practice words and phrases that are relevant to your needs and profession. You will learn to speak English with the appropriate rhythm and intonation. You will be provided with immediate feedback and correction so that you can gain confidence and consistency producing your new sounds immediately.

Structured conversational speech will be incorporated into the sessions, so that you will learn to self correct and assimilate the newly acquired speech skills into your every day conversation. Additional focus will address grammar and use of idioms. A specific list of drills is assigned for daily practice each week.

At the conclusion of the training program you will receive a before-and-after recording of your own speech, revealing a percentage of improvement.

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