Accent modification services
for individuals and corporations.

If you speak English well, with an average to good command of grammar and vocabulary, but find that your foreign accent is holding you back, accent reduction is the answer. Improve your intelligibility and boost your confidence in speaking with colleagues, friends and family.

Improve your English pronunciation
and learn to speak clearer!
Do people ask you to repeat things over and over?
Do you struggle or guess when pronouncing words that are new or uncommon?
Do you feel uneasy about speaking to others because you fear they might misunderstand you?
Do you find that your foreign accent is holding
you back?
Do you feel you are discriminated against because of your accent when applying for a job or when being considered for promotions at work?
Do you have trouble connecting with people on a personal level because of your accent?
Do you feel that others are distracted by the way you speak and lose interest in speaking with you?
If you answered YES to any of these questions,
Global Accent Reduction is the answer. | 201•774•3337